Jade Plant ~ Good Luck(Symbolize), Feng Shui

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Jade Plant is a popular good luck charm in Asia thought to activate financial energies. ... Flowering Jade Plant reflects well on the owner and symbolizes great friendship, luck and prosperity. The green leaves signify energy and the joy of friendship, and the flowers represent the fragrance of great friendship.

Jade plant meaning & symbolism connected with increase in wealth, asset, superabundance and a good fortune. Its a good feng shui plant which enhance wealth of one and as Asian text believe it can turn poor into rich or someone with nothing to super rich. Jade promotes friendship, brotherhood, kindliness and prosperity. Jade plant keep water in its leaves means a wealth that is kept. Jade symbolizes to brings prosperity and a better meaning of this word is someone who has everything meaning a person is financially stable, his overall condition could be anything like he will be healthy(get in good conditions), respectful status, or his mind is in a positive state.

We often use Jade in our living arrangements. Look for the jade in your gift.

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