Maile ~ Rare ~ Good Luck - Easy to Grow your own Maui Maile Vine ~ Hawaii’s Most Popular Lei

Hawaii’s Most Popular Lei

Maile is a great gift for a new baby, sympathy or new beginnings. Plant the vine at birth or symbolic of a new union and use to make lei's for weddings, birthdays, special occasions and graduations.

~ a Pacific island vine (Alyxia oliviformis) of the dogbane family with fragrant leaves and bark that are used for decoration and in Hawaii for leis.

Maile is one of the oldest and most popular lei material used in ancient Hawaii. It was most commonly worn for the worship of the gods of hula and even used as a symbol of peace offering in times of battle. Its leaves are believed to protect the wearer, bestow good luck, and even possess healing powers.

It is called a Maile (pronounced my-lee) lei and is made from the fragrant leaves and bark of the indigenous Maile vine that only grows in the rainforests of Hawaii. What makes Maile so unique and unforgettable is its intoxicating fragrance that is clean, fresh, woodsy, vanilla, s
weet, and spicy all at the same time. Order yours today.

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