Flowering Snowbush Bonsai
Flowering Snowbush Bonsai
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Flowering Snowbush Bonsai

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Snowbush (breynia disticha)

A relative of the "roseo-picta" cultivars. The Snowbush or Snow-on-the-Mountain as it is commonly called is accented by its leaf size and color, which vary depending on lighting conditions. In moderate light it will produce larger leaves with some white color and a more sparse form. Grown in some sun it will produce smaller leaves, a more dense and compact form, and will have significantly more white and pink in the new and older growth. Easy to care for indoors.

The Snowbush will thrive indoors in high light and appreciates being kept outdoors in either full or partial sunlight during the spring and summer. We suggest that you place the tree on a windowsill or on a table in front of one.

This is a VERY tiny plant.